About AK Studio

The team at AK Studio consists of an expanding cast of artistic collaborators, educators, filmmakers, web and graphic artists, photographers, sculptors, builders, engineers, musicians, exhibition techs, and designers. They work with Walker to develop, produce, and exhibit artworks, films, recordings, and sculpture, as well as on experimentation, archiving, and research. In addition to developing works in-house, the studio engages with academic institutions to collaborate with students, professors, and cross-disciplinary industries in order to further artistic, vocational and experimental dialog.

AKP Recordings, an extension of the studio, serves as a hub for experimental music and visual art.

AK Studio Equity Statement

We believe in and stand for values of inclusion, equity, and justice. We welcome all people and recognize the rights of individuals to live their lives with dignity and to work and conduct business in a diverse and inclusive environment.

We believe that building a just work culture requires intention and effort. When space is created for more people to belong, it benefits not only the artists, our staff, and our networks, but the world at large. With this in mind, we aim to cultivate fair and meaningful opportunities for our collaborators and staff to flourish.

We seek to include within our equity framework disenfranchised, under-supported, and historically-excluded individuals such as those with diverse gender and racial identities, sexual orientation, ages, immigration status, national origins, (dis)abilities, medical conditions, and other diverse characteristics.

Knowing our actions will speak louder than our words, AK Studio will strive to advance these intentions to achieve greater equity in our organization. Through continued listening and learning, we aim to gain a deeper understanding about both personal and systemic biases, enabling us to make informed adjustments, develop new goals, and fulfill our mission of advocating for artists who collectively enrich our world today.

AK Studio Staff & Collaborators


Christian Kim

Elizabeth Abrams

Francie Chang

Jenni Sperandeo
Mike Howes
Sam Johnson

Scott Osgood



Aaron Farley
Alex Braidwood
Alex Lee Moyer
Alex Lilly
Alex Kyhn
Alexander Falk
Andy Petr
August Thurmer
Bill Baird
Brent Turner
Carla Azar
Chad Carlisle
Chuck Soo Hoo
Cody Fleming
Danny Frankel
Dave Cooley
David Ralicke
Denny Weston Jr.
Doug Sterns
Dusty Lynn Gabay
Eva Reistad
Hans Anderson
Harvey Opgenorth
Ian Noe
Jackie Bao
Jamie Margolin
Jason Lytle
Jennifer Kraus
Jessica Dibattista
Jimi Cabeza de Vaca
Joel Jerome
Joel Virgel
John Schlue
Johnny Chew
Josh Johnson
Joshua Douple
Justin Gaar

Kamran V
Kenny Lyon
Koool G Murder
Laura Escudé
Lauren Machen
Lewis Wilcox
M.A. Tiesenga
Mark Chalecki
Mark Kimbrell
Martin Kohlstedt
Max Jaffe
Mia Doi Todd
Michael Carbaugh
Mike Bolger
Mike Cresswell
Nash Howe
Nguyen Minh Tien
Oliver Franklin Anderson
Patrick Shiroishi
Peter Jacobson
Ricardo Avendaño Vera
Richard Hama
Rob Shnapf
Russell Brown
Sam Johnson
Senon Williams
Shaun Liboon
Shon Sullivan
Sonny DiPerri
Ted Ridgeway
Tim Horner
Tim Rutilli
Wally Ingram

AKP Recording Artists

A Grape Dope
Alister Fawnwoda
Arthur King
Bill Baird
Brown Calvin
Carlos Ferreira
Coleman Zurkowski
Danny Frankel
David Ralicke
Doug Wieselman
East Portal
Greg Leisz
Jason Lytle

Jimi Cabeza de Vaca
Joel Jeronimo
Kalia Vandever
Ki Oni
Omar Ahmad
Oort Smog
Peter Walker
Randy Randall
Small Isles
Space Between Clouds
Suzanne Ciani
Tim Rutilli
Victoria Williams

AK Studio