Changing Landscapes

Changing Landscapes (Wauters Farm) is a collaborative work between artist Peter Walker, his experimental musical ensemble Arthur King, and a cast of AK Studio filmmakers, exhibition designers, cinematographers, field recordists, editors, projectionists, and photographers.

For this installment of the Changing Landscapes series, Walker and crew traveled to a family-owned farm outside of Belle Plaine, Iowa. Gathering audio, video, and photographic information, the ensemble came together for an improvised performance in one of the farm's alfalfa fields.

Walker worked with AK Studio staff and collaborators to create immersive exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York.



Changing Landscapes


Artist: Peter Walker

Music: Arthur King

Film Directors: Sam Johnson / Brian Canning

Film Editor: Lewis Wilcox 

Cinematographer: August Thurmer

Photographer: Aaron Farley

Projectionist: John Schlue

Changing Landscapes