AK Studio

Peter Walker's work focuses on creative engagement with the unknown. Growing up in Boston and Northern California, Walker achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UC Boulder, and a Ph.D. in Mythology and Depth Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, where his studies focused on relationships between creativity, the environment, sound, and the unconscious. Moving to Los Angeles, Walker founded AK Studio, which today is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of collaborators and staff.

Since the early 2000s, Walker’s wide-ranging works – including film, music, photography, painting, and sculpture – have examined different creative frameworks for exploring the unconscious. In 2017 he began work on "Changing Landscapes," an ongoing series that studies the creative disruption of human perception. His musical ensemble Arthur King is an outlet for collective, improvisational experimentation. Walker founded AKP Recordings in 2019 as a hub for experimental music and visual art.

Walker is currently working with Iowa State University’s Colleges of Design and Engineering to create an ongoing, equitable opportunity for students to collaborate and engage in experimental artistic methodologies through the design and production of publicly installed works.

Walker lives and works in Los Angeles, California.