Changing Landscapes

Changing Landscapes (Mina Las Pintadas) is a collaborative work between AK Studio and SÄ«. The project enlists the musical ensemble Arthur King along with a cast of AK Studio filmmakers, animators, cinematographers, field recordists, editors, projectionists, builders, and photographers.

For this installment of the Changing Landscapes series, Walker and crew traveled to the Atacama region of northern Chile, immersing themselves in an active copper mine. Here the artists uncovered emergent truths, exploring below and above ground, and performing inside one of the large subterranean caverns. The process yielded a series of photographs, a full-length audio LP, a short film, and a permanent installation embedded in the AK studio space in Los Angeles.





Artist: Peter Walker

Music: Arthur King

Exhibition Film Director: Lauren Machen

Exhibition Film Editor: Kevin Carniero 

Cinematographer: Richard Hama

Photographer: Aaron Farley

Projectionist: John Schlue

Builders: Joshua Douple, Sam Johnson

Scent Design: Michael Carbaugh for SANDOVAL

"Caminando" Animator: Oliver Franklin Anderson

Changing Landscapes